Friday, July 9, 2010

Night at the Museum - Katie's, that is...

Katie fell asleep on the couch while Emily and I were finishing up a game.  I helped her upstairs to her bed (the poor thing is always so confused when she does this and never remembers it).  When we got up there, she started crying; obviously she was still sleeping.  She was saying that we were moving too fast, although we were sitting down on her bed.  I finally convinced her that she was still sleeping (and she said "oh, I am?" ha-ha) and she laid down.  I laid with her for a little while and noticed that when she cleaned her room today, she put some of her favorite "finds" on display throughout her room.  I took pictures of some of them.  She has such a cute & creative imagination!  And I'd be willing to bet that she spoke to each of them as she carefully place them about her room!


This one cracks me up!  The Princess Poodle!

Don't do it doggie, don't jump!

"How can I possibly waddle through all this mess?"

"Who cares, just kick back & enjoy the music!"

Of course, I added the quotes!

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  1. Is that the pooping Barbie dog??? Sassy has the same one. :)