Saturday, July 30, 2011

When will you begin the upcoming school year?

For some, maybe even many, this is a loaded question!  For others, probably the more organized and ambitious, the date was set before the last school year ended. 

Whatever the case, I placed a poll on my blog asking this very question: When will you begin the upcoming school year?  The poll is located to the right of my most recent blog post.  I sure hope you will participate!

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Blogger Comments

While there are many blogs I'd like to comment on, Blogger sends me in circles when trying to do so.  It's not all blogs, but it is many of them.  So frustrating!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Bash with the Besties

After all the cleaning and preparing, the party is finally under way and the girls sound like they are really enjoying themselves.  I'm not usually much of a party planner, but I was inspired by the Marth Stewart Magazine to be creative with party favors and snacks.

That led to decorating. We used the tissue paper flowers that we made almost two years ago while "visiting" Mexico during our school year. I kept them in a basket on top of our bookshelf all this time, waiting for an opportunity to use them again!

Ignore the patriotic cupcake liners.  I couldn't find the white ones that I know I have somewhere!

A trick I learned back in the day as a Pampered Chef Consultant - place a bigger plate on bottom, a square bowl turned upside down as a pedastal, and a smaller plate on top.  Makes a great tiered stand! 

I had napkins on top, party favors in the middle and plates on the bottom.

The stand was decorated with a couple of the tissue paper flowers we made a couple years ago.

These favors were inspired by a Marth Stewart Magazine.

The umbrellas added a nice touch.

Balloons are always festive at a party.

Veggie snacks, inspired by Matha Stewart.  I found these small disposable plastic cups at a yard sale, brand new in the package.  With a little veggie dip in the bottom and cut veggies, I think they are adorable!  I placed them in a dish with ice to keep the dip chilled.  Most of the kids liked them. :)

Even the light fixture got a makeover for the party.

I just love using these tissue paper flowers to decorate!

The birthday girl (Emily) and her friends.

We couldn't resist buying this pink flamingo at the dollar store!

Emily and her friend decorated the stairs the day before the party.

And this is the happy girl who could hardly wait to have a sleepover party!

They've had a lot of fun playing with each other, jumping on the trampoline, and running through the sprinkler.  Despite the two bee stings that Emily took, she has had a fantastic party so far, and the girls seem to be getting along with each other really well.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VBS Week: Inside Out & Upside Down on Main St.

Friday, July 15

The kids just love VBS (Vacation Bible School).  And I love it too, except for getting up early all week to get there by 9am!  (I'm a night owl, remember?)

Last week at VBS, the kids learned about gratitude, grace, compassion, faithfulness, and forgiveness.  It was a great week for them.  Watching them perform on Friday was priceless.  Katie got to do two songs because she was there to "help" the younger kids.  How cute!  And Emily always complained about getting up on stage and tried her best to hide behind others.  This year, she didn't complain at all and hiding wasn't an option since there were only about 10 of them in her group!  She was fabulous.  I wish I could attend VBS!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Eleven years ago, I gave birth to our first born, Emily.  Where has the time gone?

Gift from Aunt Jen, arrived in the mail on Monday:
It was Wii Dance Revolution - how fun!

On Tuesday, Emily opened gifts from us in the afternoon...

And we ate a yummy homemade cookie in the evening.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful & talented girl!

Room Makeover

We finally finished Emily's room!  It took us an entire month, but it was all worth it.  She loves it.  And we finished just in time for her birthday.

An American Girl craft that Emily made at her grandma's.  It says "Emily's Room"

Picture from Hobby Lobby:

This was a birthday present Emily got last year:

Shelf from IKEA, relocated from a closet in the house:

Top of Shelf:

The gymnastics shelf:

This was my keyboard when I was a teenager.  I can't believe it still works!

Emily has had this clothes hamper since she was a baby:

This dresser (and the desk & nightstand) was my childhood furniture.  I painted the dresser about 7 years ago and kind of wish I hadn't.  But, it looks cute and is still in great shape.

I love her room. She loves her room. And Katie is giving me 2 weeks off before I paint her room! She's so funny. It will be way more than 2 weeks before the paintbrush hits her walls!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cheap Stuff

Staples had a penny sale on a few items and 25 cents on others.  I got all this for $4.24...

At regular price, or even normal sale prices, this probably would have cost at least $35-$40.

2 packs of paper (500 sheets each)
8 packs of erasers
8 packs of Bic pens
8 bottles of glue
8 pencil cases
6 packs of Stickies

We donated most of it to our VBS and homeschool co-op.  Our VBS is making up backpacks for local needy children.  This is a great way to help the community without breaking your own budget!