Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VBS Week: Inside Out & Upside Down on Main St.

Friday, July 15

The kids just love VBS (Vacation Bible School).  And I love it too, except for getting up early all week to get there by 9am!  (I'm a night owl, remember?)

Last week at VBS, the kids learned about gratitude, grace, compassion, faithfulness, and forgiveness.  It was a great week for them.  Watching them perform on Friday was priceless.  Katie got to do two songs because she was there to "help" the younger kids.  How cute!  And Emily always complained about getting up on stage and tried her best to hide behind others.  This year, she didn't complain at all and hiding wasn't an option since there were only about 10 of them in her group!  She was fabulous.  I wish I could attend VBS!


  1. I always loved going to VBS when I was a kid! This year was the first in a long time that I didn't help out at one.

    Glad you guys had a good week!

  2. My girls are in VBC this week (our church chooses to call it "Vacation Bible Camp" instead of "School") - the theme is "Discovery Island." I totally get your feelings about getting out the door to be at church by 9 - how do families who school outside the home do that for nine months a year?!

  3. Our VBS is coming up next week... but it is in the evening. The kids love working there but I must admit the idea of being out five nights in a row doesn't excite me. After the fact, I am always glad we did it, though.