Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crazy Days, Gymnastics Nationals

We spent most of the week in Toledo, OH for Gymnastics Nationals.  Emily was nervous but performed very well.  She was disappointed that she didn't place in any event (unless you count the tie on beam), but she was pleased to know that her scores pushed her up to the next level.  I'm very proud of her for doing her best and just enjoying it.

Level 4 Gymnastics Nationals Team

We got there late on Tuesday.  Wednesday was opening ceremonies, held at the baseball stadium.

This was the day that was absolutely crazy.  It was a bit disorganized and storms came and went all day.  The gymnasts were announced as they walked around the field and they got to go out in the grass to try to break a world record for the most people to hold a handstand simultaneously for 15 seconds.  They didn't break it.  The record still stands at 399!

There was a street fair set up for the gymnasts which would have been a lot more fun if it hadn't rained.  They had a bunch of blow-ups out there that the girls did get to enjoy a little bit in between showers.  I didn't get many pictures because we were constantly on the move.  It was NOT my best day.  Getting wet from rain in an extremely crowded place is just not something I enjoy.  I can't even put into words how anxious I felt all day.  I could not relax and couldn't wait to leave.  Everything irritated me.  Everything!

We finally got something to eat at the stadium and sat down to watch them game.  And I use the term "watch" loosely.  Most of us were not actually watching the game.  The gymnasts were just having fun being with each other.

Thursday was the day of the competition.  This was a great day.  I was more rested, more relaxed, and didn't feel irritated at all.  The volunteers did a great job preparing for the meet.  We could see and hear well from our seats and it was just fun being there.

Emily's handstand during her floor routine. 

There were 4 gyms set up inside the great hall at the convention center!

Waiting for awards... 

And I couldn't leave Katie out... 
She now has big plans to be the team mascot!

We experienced some trouble with the brakes on our camper on the way there, so we had them checked out before leaving Friday afternoon.  Well.... one of the wheel bearings was completely destroyed!  The mechanic said we were lucky that the wheel didn't fly off on the road!  I can only imagine all the damage that would have caused.  That kind of "luck" can only come from God!  And the blessing is that they didn't overcharge us to fix it.  Were were in a pickle and they could have charged whatever they wanted.  But they were honest and fair.  I'm so thankful for good, honest people.

The repair took three hours.  The kids and I (and the dog) waited in the truck the entire time!  Katie played her DS while Emily and I played Uno.  Jason mostly paced outside until they gave him the bill.  Then he was relieved and was able to relax.

Now, we are home and hope to have a relaxing weekend.  Let's see if that happens!

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  1. I'm so glad for your daughter, that she feels like she is improving and that she had fun!

    I too am thankful for honest and fair people!

    Come Visit Anytime!