Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sweet victory!  I never feel like our school year is complete until we get our assessment.  After having to reschedule a few times, we were finally able to go today.  It's always a great experience.  Our assessor always has great ideas to implement during the next year and she always provides a nice certificate for each child.  We put these certificates in sheet protectors and place them in a binder for each child.

We had a great school year.  Emily needs to work on her handwriting, and I now have some ideas that should help with that.  It's a bit sloppy but I believe that's because she doesn't hold her pencil correctly.  Not that I think there's only one way to hold a pencil, but her way makes it very difficult to control the pencil.  I tried working on that last year but we both became frustrated and I gave up.

Katie still needs to finish her 1st grade workbook, so we'll be working on that some this summer and maybe into the fall.  But that's no biggie.

Overall, I'm very pleased with our year and look forward to the next. :)

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  1. Lisa, I would love your ideas on the pencil holding issue. My son does not hold his correctly and I get frustrated trying to get him to hold it correctly. What are you going to try to do differently? Thanks