Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can of Worms

No, I'm not talking about a science experiment here. 

Emily got new bedding for her room, along with pillows, window treatments and a cute netted canopy.  I purchased it from a friend and it's like new and too cute!  The new colors in the comfortor led to a new wall color: true turquoise.  It's a beautiful color!

I began painting on Monday and finished on Tuesday.  At first, I was careful to cut in nicely along the woodwork, then I realized how beat up and over-painted the woodwork was and decided that we would replace it.  Then, every time I got close to the floor, I realized how aweful that drabby old carpet was, and I found myself in search of a carpet knife.  Yes!  I cut the carpet in pieces, rolled it and hauled it out to the trash!  Poor hubs had no idea what can of worms I opened!... until he called.   Don't worry, I didn't get in trouble, because we have been wanting to remove that carpet ever since we moved in this house six years ago!

We shopped several places for a new floor and decided to match the existing hardwood in our house.  We installed hardwood in our kitchen/dining room, hallway & foyer a few years ago and Home Depot still sells the exact same floor.  So, hubs left the truck with me on Thursday and that's where I went.

The installation began Friday and was finished by evening on Saturday.  That's not so bad.  My dad was a huge help.  I would have had to work a lot harder had it not been for him!

The wood is all down now and it looks fantastic.  I'm not showing pictures just yet though because the room isn't completely finished.  We still have to get new baseboards and then put the furniture back in.  We are all anxious for it to be completed, especially Emily.

So tonight, Katie tells me that she'll let me take a week off before starting on her room!  Ha-ha... you gotta love kids!  Her room is next, I'm just not sure how soon I'll do it!  It just needs painted right now, so it won't be as involved.... unless I open another can of worms!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures! Projects do tend to take on a life of their own sometimes, don't they. How great though that you were able to find the same flooring!

  2. This description sounds so good, I can't wait for pictures :D