Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lapbook - How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

We used two file folders for this lapbook because there was so much to put in it.  The book lends itself so well to all areas of education which created a fun lapbook full of information.

Below is the left of the inside of the lapbook.

And this is the right of the inside...

Now for some details.  We did a salt experiment and recorded our steps in the stapled book shown below.  The back page of the book is glued to the lapbook.

For vocabulary, I found clip art for each word that I printed and laminated.  Then, I printed definitions on address labels and adhered them to the back of their corresponding picture card.  Then, we stapled a piece of colored cardstock to the lapbook for storing the vocabulary cards.

Apple Math!  This little booklet came from Enchanted Learning.  We attached it to the lapbook with a paper fastener.

Also from Enchanted Learning, this stapled book states some facts about apples...

This math game was a little too large to attach to the lapbook, so we just keep it slipped inside. The red cardstock is just stapled together to form pockets and the game instructions slip inside.  The little red apples are covered with clear contact paper for durability and everything fits nicely inside the big cow pocket.

I have to say, this Matching Game was the most fun!  The box folder is made from cardstock with velcro on the flap to keep it closed.  The cards inside are laminated.  The idea is to match up the means of transportation with the country and ingredient found there.  Numbers are printed on the back of each card so the child can check her answers.  I probably got this from Homeschool Share under the FIAR resources, but I can't be absolutely sure.

I hope this inspires someone to be creative through lapbooking.  It does take some time to prepare, but if you have a hands-on learner, this is perfect!  My kids enjoyed showing their lapbooks to their grandparents and friends, which reinforces the lessons learned.  It's up to you to decide how much of the cutting and printing you want your child to do.  For this particular book, I printed and cut much of it because it was so time-consuming.  For families who have multiple children working on one family lapbook, I would suggest allowing the children to do most of the cutting and printing to give them adequate practice.  This project was too daunting for one young child.

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  1. This book is in the new literature package with MFW K. I am doing K for the 2nd time and love lapbooks. Did you do this with a K student? I am going to bookmark this.