Monday, April 4, 2011

New Phone

Well, sort of.  My cell phone (a Palm Pre) started losing screws months ago.  But, it still worked, so I stuck with it.  Well, I guess those tiny little screws really do hold things together!  The USB socket is so loose that my cord won't stay plugged into it, which means that I can't charge it.  Thankfully, my awesome hubby still had his old phone, and was able to transfer my number, along with all my contacts from my phone to his old one.  This should do fine until I'm able to get a new phone in July.  We thought I was eligable for a new phone now.  Little did we know that the policies changed on April 1!  Stinking cell phone company!  I was looking forward to getting a brand new phone!!!

I'm not an iPhone user.  But there's something to be said for Apple for making a phone that is so trustworthy that they've continued to make it for quite some time.  Unlike many others who have to continually produce new phone models because they can't seem to perfect any single one.  No wonder why the iPhone is so popular!  It's just not in our budget.  We get great prices through Sprint since my husband's employer has such a large account with them.  And I have to say that the coverage is great - even inside department stores!


  1. We use Sprint also. But we have such and old plan that we actually had to pay extra for texting. I can't imagine if I had internet put on there also. I like my cheap plan. :)

  2. I just got the Sprint HTC Evo and love it. We were paying $118/mo. for MY phone alone, and now pay $139/mo for TWO phones.