2012-2013 Curriculum

My Father's World Exploration to 1850

These are all the books we'll be delving into this year! 
Exploration to 1850 Deluxe Package Curriculum

We'll also use the 2nd/3rd grade supplement.  We already have these books, since they were part of the Adventures package from MFW.

Exploration to 1850 2nd to 3rd grade supplement

RightStart Math Level B and RightStart Math Level E

Image 1Image 1


Spelling By Sound and Structure and Spelling Wisdom (Simply Charlotte Mason)

Grade 2 Spelling Workbook  Spelling Wisdom (American version)

Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons and All-in-One English Series

Primary Language Lessons  Intermediate Language Lessons 

Writing Strands

2011-2012 Curriculum

Katie (age 8)

Katie will also participate in some of the Rome to Reformation lessons.

RightStart Math Level B

RighStart Lessons Manual B

Spelling By Sound and Structure (will start when ready)

Grade 2 Spelling Workbook

Primary Language Lessons (will start some time this year)

Primary Language Lessons

Emily (age 11)

My Father's World Rome to Reformation (RTR)

Intermediate Language Lessons

Intermediate Language Lessons

Writing Strands

Spelling by Sound and Structure 5

 Grade 5 Spelling Workbook

We may sprinkle in some Sequential Spelling as well.

RightStart Math Levels D & E

RighStart Lessons Manual D  RighStart Lessons Manual E

We may also use Five in a Row periodically, as time allows.