Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let the Year Begin!

In preparation for our start to another fantastic MFW year, we went to the library and got a few books!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Organizing Again!

The old library desk/table I purchased at the antique mall inspired me to better organize my fabric. Why? Because I'm going to use the desk as a sewing table. I can put sewing books on a shelf on either side and the drawer in the middle can hold scissors & other items I might need at my fingertips.
I took the picture of the desk at the store which is why you see other things on it.
We are picking it up this week.

These next photos are of my newly organized fabric bins. Whatcha think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Room Week

Ok, I'm a little behind, but still wanted to share our space.  Bare with me!

This is our classroom, our office, our library.  A lot happens in this room.  And I have to admit that this picture was taken last year.  Sorry!  It looks pretty much the same except there might be a different piece of artwork hanging somewhere. :)

The two desks are really just tables that we placed back to back between the windows, giving each child plenty of work space.  They wipe easily, so most of our art projects are done here.  The two windows usually let in ample natural light, but if the sun decides to hide one day, we have a nice bright lamp with task lighting right in the middle.  The bathroom is just across the hall, so clean-up is easy.

Below:  My desk is on the right and the drawer unit just to its left is perfect for all kinds of things.  We have drawers for office supplies (tape, stapler, notepads, sticky notes, rulers, calculators...), teaching aids (flash cards, game cards, bananagrams, chalk, reward stickers/tickets, magnifying glasses...), camera cords & accessories (my favorite drawer!), notebooks, coloring pages, misc. papers, and more.  It helps keep me somewhat organized.

Then, we have the corner bookshelves which house all of our curriculum, CD's, binders, Bible studies, readers, games, and more.  They get lots of use!  I'm so thankful they are nice and sturdy, or all that stuff would come tumbling down!

The top of the lower shelf on the left is used for my supplies and my teaching binder.  The top row of the shelf has four cubbies with a basket in each one that pull out easily.  Each child has a basket for her library books, there is a basket for library returns that we just grab & go, and one basket for misc. books.  These have been great for keeping our library books organized.  I'm proud to say that we didn't lose a single book last year!  :)

The cubbies on the bottom hold a variety of things:  a math manipulatives box, extra paper & books, a money box (also for math) & more books, and a box that has misc. stuff in it that probably needs cleaned out!

It's not fair to show you just one room because our "schooling" really happens all over the house and beyond.  But, I'll save the rest for another time. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School?

I'm so impressed with the many homeschoolers who started school this week.  We have not.  I originally planned on starting the first full week of September but I'll probably start earlier than that. 

I want to write about what we're doing this year, but I'm not in the mood right now.  I'll save it for a future post.  Right now, I'm just curious to know who has started school or when you plan to start. ???