Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Organization: Just Keepin' it Real!

 We've been using My Father's World (MFW) for many years now.  Each year, all the books go on the bookshelf to be easily stored during the year.  Organization should be easy, right?  Yes, if that's all there was.  However, I have a plethora of books and supplies that go way beyond what arrives in our box from MFW.  (I was so tempted to say "we" have, but really, it's mainly me - ouch!)

So, I'm sitting here, taking a break from the organization process.  It's mentally draining and I really need this break!  What to keep and what to toss is mind boggling.  We have so many great books, and I hate to toss any of them!  (By toss, I mean part ways.)  But, do I really need them all?  There's only so many things I can assign each year, even though I would love to assign it ALL!  I would probably be labeled the worst mom/teacher of the year if I did that!

The other problem is that our bookshelves are loaded with many things.  They house the telephone book (like I really need that, right?), a hodgepodge of spiral notebooks (some used, some new), readers, boxes of CDs, glue, and other supplies, magazine boxes filled with misc. papers (yes, I need to weed those out), some magazines, games, and a small wealth of resource books.  I keep telling myself to use it or lose it!  But, it's not working this time.  You see, I'm down to the nitty gritty here.  I cleaned these shelves off a while back and filled two good sized boxes with stuff we weren't using and stuff I knew we weren't going to use.   Now, we're down to the harder decisions.  Can anyone relate?  Does anyone else want to keep it all, but you know it just isn't necessary, and it's just consuming valuable space?  Does anyone else suffer from MNIS (Might Need it Someday) syndrome?