Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lapbook - The Story About Ping

This lapbook is made with two file folders and contains a lot of fun information!  When I taught a Five in a Row class at our co-op, this is one of the lapbook projects we did.  The kids loved it!

This is a fun flap book that shows where Ping lives.

This little book is attached with a paper fastener and each page inside has a printed picture of a different type of duck.  Emily chose to color each page inside.

This book is stapled on the left side and the back is glued to the lapbook.

More science...


Science Experiment

This oval book is attached with a paper fastener.

Most materials used in this lapbook were found on Enchanted Learning and Homeschool Share under the FIAR resources.


  1. Homeschool Share doesn't have it available anymore. :-(

  2. Homeschool share DOES have these available. Just search Story of Ping in search bar, and you can download the PDFs for most of the things you see here. We just did it today and it was great. It's a wonderful resource.