Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lapbook - The Glorious Flight

This is another fairly simple lapbook made with one file folder and cardstock.

The vocabulary book opens just like a regular book, but the inside has flaps with the word printed on the flap and the definition printed beneath the flap.  In this case, Emily printed each word and glued the matching definition in the proper place.  I printed the definitions from the computer.  Older children could easily write the definitions themselves.  (Emily was 7 at the time.)


This propeller is attached with a paper fastener.

More language arts...

This flag book was made with colored paper and stapled on the left.  The back is glued to the lapbook.
Flag and country information is inside...

And here is a watercolor painting by Emily. We store inside the lapbook since there was no place to attach it. 

Many of the materials were printed from Enchanted Learning and Homeschool Share under FIAR resources.

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