Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School?

I'm so impressed with the many homeschoolers who started school this week.  We have not.  I originally planned on starting the first full week of September but I'll probably start earlier than that. 

I want to write about what we're doing this year, but I'm not in the mood right now.  I'll save it for a future post.  Right now, I'm just curious to know who has started school or when you plan to start. ???


  1. We started on Monday; I blogged about it a bit on Tuesday: :^)

  2. We like to start early so we don't have to worry about library books being taken out when we need them. As for early neighbors, my kids are up early also, so they can get in a good chunck, before anyone comes knocking. Luckily, the neighbors sleep in til lunch, so I have no problem making them wait til we're done. They have all day to play, so they can wait an hour. My opinion. We start around 9 and finish around lunch. I think we'll end closer to after lunch, since we are buckling down this year. They aren't happy about that, but too bad. :)