Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales from the Crypt

We returned from our 2-week trip to California on Sunday and found the carcass of a dead cat in our back yard!  There was nothing left to its head and ribs but a skull and bones.  The rear of the cat and its legs still had black fur on them.  It was disgusting and smelled horrible.

Hubs disposed of it and we moved on.  The next morning, on Monday, I opened the curtains in our classroom that faces the street, and there was a cat sitting in our front yard staring at our house!  It then starting to stare at me.  When I told the kids about it, they opened the curtains in the living room, and it then stared at them!  Emily opened the door and shewed it off, but it kept looking back at us as if it was thinking "what have you done with my buddy?"  Creepy!!!

Later Monday evening, the cat was back!  This time, it lied in the street, staring at our house.  Then, it slowly paced, eventually strolling up the neighbor's driveway across the street.  That's where it then cozied itself at the top of their driveway, and again, stared us down.  Ok, now this is getting really creepy!  At least it was evening and we would soon close all curtains and doors and go to bed.

We didn't see the cat all day on Tuesday.  I had been removing the carpet in Emily's room and had to take a break to go to a Relay meeting at the park from 6:00-8:00.  When we got home, Hubs and I both finished removing the carpet and hulled it out to the curb for garbage pick-up tomorrow morning.  All of the sudden, the cat was back!  And it camped itself on our front porch!!! 

Is this really happening?  Does this cat sense that something bad happened to it's friend?  Is it holding it against us?  It's just plain creepy!!!


  1. I don't know if it knows its friend died in your yard, but we have just started having a similar problem: all of a sudden in the last week, we now have 4 (!) neighborhood cats that are apparently allowed to roam basically living in our backyard every night (and one spends many days here, too). I'm sure it's largely because we have three indoor cats they know are here, but it's still more than disconcerting to see all these cats sitting on our deck at all hours of the night - and they DON'T ever stay away permanently! If I weren't such a cat lover and knew what would happen to them if they weren't claimed, I'd catch 'em and call the animal control people.

  2. HAHA!! I know it's creepy, but it is kinda funny too. I think it knows something happened to its friend. It must thing you have it inside. Creepy!!

  3. Gee that's interesting!! Maybe it was her baby or relative :) Hope you're doing well, visit if you wish, blessings to you! Amy @ http://momscoffeetime.blogspot.com/

  4. Yeah, I'd be a little creeped out too!

    Welcome home! I hope your trip was really good!