Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Room Makeover

We finally finished Emily's room!  It took us an entire month, but it was all worth it.  She loves it.  And we finished just in time for her birthday.

An American Girl craft that Emily made at her grandma's.  It says "Emily's Room"

Picture from Hobby Lobby:

This was a birthday present Emily got last year:

Shelf from IKEA, relocated from a closet in the house:

Top of Shelf:

The gymnastics shelf:

This was my keyboard when I was a teenager.  I can't believe it still works!

Emily has had this clothes hamper since she was a baby:

This dresser (and the desk & nightstand) was my childhood furniture.  I painted the dresser about 7 years ago and kind of wish I hadn't.  But, it looks cute and is still in great shape.

I love her room. She loves her room. And Katie is giving me 2 weeks off before I paint her room! She's so funny. It will be way more than 2 weeks before the paintbrush hits her walls!

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  1. Love the color of the room as turquoise is my favorite color.

  2. so cute! very fun and colorful :)

  3. Emily's room came out so cute! We are in the midst of redoing the boys' room and the older girls' room. In the process we are removing carpet and laying hard wood, replacing single pane windows, changing the cheap 1970 doors for 6 pannels and replacing the clam shell trim with more traditional trim... and adding the chair rail and crown. We've been working on a room at a time for years, however, these two rooms had to happen together because of moving the bunk beds from the girls room to the boys' room. Allen and I are glad it has taken so long to get back to these two rooms because now our teenage girls do all the painting... which he hates and I am not very good at!