Sunday, July 18, 2010

All I've wanted to do lately is nothing!  TV doesn't even interest me.  I sit down, realize I'm bored, but don't feel like doing anything about it.  Ok, I suppose cleaning counts for something and I have done quite a bit of that, but that comes and goes.  A day or two later (or sometimes even an hour or two later), it seems as though the cleaning never even happened!

But I'm not talking about cleaning.  I'm talking about fun stuff.  Like making cards (rubber stamping), scrapbooking, updating my photo albums, photography, sewing, learning how to use the serger sewing machine I recently got from my grandma.  That's the stuff I desire to do but when it comes to actually doing it, I don't.  Am I tired?  Sometimes.  Am I lazy?  Sometimes.  Am I tired of being lazy?  Yes!  I suppose part of it is that my craft room in the basement is a mess.  Truly.  It should be declared a disaster area!  It seems that I'm pressed for time every time I go in there to work on something so I don't take the time to put things away when I'm done.  Hummmm, don't we teach our kids to put things away when they're done?  Well, we're not perfect, are we?

What about the other things I listed that don't require entrance into a disaster area?  What about updating my photo albums?  Oh yeah, that would require lots of time since I have seven years of photos stored on my computer (don't worry, I have back-ups) that need to be printed!  Just imagine the time & money involved in that project!  I know, I know.  You might suggest that I do a little at a time and pace myself!  That certainly would be easier on the budget too.  But do I do it?  I haven't yet!  Maybe I will.  Soon.  I hope to.

Moving on to photography, which is one of my greatest passions.  I love capturing the beauty of God's creation in photographs.  This would require very little, except time.  So why don't I do it?  I wish I had an answer.  Sometimes I'll go out in my yard and snap a few photos.  But I'm talking about real photo shoots.  I need inspiration.  And energy!

There is one project I have been working on that I believe has zapped me of energy... momentarily.  Shedding some unwanted pounds.  I exercise, almost daily.  The employees at the YMCA and I are on a first-name basis.  I love going there.  Believe it or not, I like to sweat!  I enjoy a good workout.  But my eating habits are not great.  I eat healthy foods, but I eat too much.  My portions were beyond what my 5' 1" small-framed body needs.  So, I'm eating less now, which is a good thing.  But I often feel hungry even though I know I shouldn't be.  And I think that's making me tired.  My body probably just needs time to adjust to it's new fuel allotment.  I hope!  Don't worry, I'm following the Weight Watcher plan so I'm not starving myself.  And when I really do believe I'm hungry, I'll grab a light snack such as carrots, broccoli, a piece of fruit, or somthing of the sort.  Like I said, I believe my body just needs time to adjust.  And rest.

So on that note, I'm signing off to go to bed.  Maybe tomorrow will bring me some energy and motivation!

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  1. Lisa, I've been meaning to come back to this post and comment. I feel your pain! I have so much to do and want to do but motivation is hard to come by. I've been thinking lately that it's just overwhelm. There is SO much! We're starting school soon and I'm not even close to being ready. Last year we started after Labor Day and that was great. This year I'm trying the 6 wks on / 1 week off so I have to start early to be done by Memorial Day weekend.

    I'm impressed with the exercise! I need that motivation so badly. I'm too tired (that sounds like an excuse :) Where do you fit it in? I think you're doing a great job :)