Friday, July 16, 2010

Cooling Off - Heating Up

Yay!!!  The A/C is working now!  Turns out that it was an electrical problem that my dad (a retired electrician) fixed yesterday!  The unit is still ancient and probably costs more to use than the new energy efficient units, but it's working!

Now for the "heating up" part of my post.  Does anyone know anything about saunas?  A friend asked me to join her in the sauna after working out yesterday.  I declined because I couldn't imagine sitting in a sauna after Zumba & Spinning.  Ambitious, I know.  But the scale is not agreeing with me so I must do something!  Unfortunately for me, that's not enough.  I must also take control of my diet.  Yes, I said it.  The "d" word.  But "diet" and "dieting" are two different things.  I am not a dieter.  I do believe in Weight Watchers though, which helped me to shed 30 pounds a few years ago.  More importantly, I must believe in myself.  I must believe that I can do it and that I should do it.  And quit selling myself short, thinking that I'm weak and have no will power.  Ha!  All those things are lies that the enemy would like me to believe.  Every time I look in the mirror I should see myself as God sees me; a beautiful creation.  And then I should care for myself as He would.  Would God force too much food in my mouth?  Would He have me eat ice cream for lunch?  Or would He give me just enough healthy things to satisfy my hunger?

Back to saunas (sorry about that little rabbit trail).  Some things I've read say they are a good healthy way to cleanse the body of toxins, opening up the pores, and a good way to not only shed pounds but also to lose fat.  Because the body works harder to keep it cooled, it's actually burning fat calories, therefore the weight lossed is not just water.  Other articles say that overuse of saunas is not good because as the body sweats, it also releases minerals it needs to help build muscles.  Does anyone know more about this or have any input you might offer?  I'm considering trying it to see what happens and how I feel.  We'll see how long I last - I get hot easily!

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