Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clutter Be Gone!!!

These past two days have been fun but tiring.  We decided to continue the yard sale today which turned out to be wise since we got rid of so much more stuff.  I feel freeeeeee!!!  We donated most of what was left to our local thrift store, which is owned and operated by a Christian family who was very appreciative.  They were glad to get it and we were glad to give it!  I'll definitely donate more to them in the future.

Today, I am thankful for...
  • yummy donuts. :)
  • God teaching me more about generosity.
  • time with my husband.
  • shade.
  • do-overs.

1 comment:

  1. I'm working on the same...decluttering! What a great feeling to get rid of stuff like that. I have piles of stuff to donate and maybe sell. Our neighborhood only allows garage 1x per year and I missed it. I'm going to feel SO much better when it's all gone. Happy for you :)