Sunday, October 2, 2011

What is it with Halloween?

Many call it a holiday.  Not me.  I call it an event.  Yeah, it's fun to make-believe for a night and dress up, and the candy is just to die for around here.  But all the gruesome stuff can take a hike.

I've noticed this year, more than ever, the neighborhood kids all talking about horror movies, bloody costumes, "Bloody Mary in the mirror" - whatever that is??? - and other weird and gory things.  Whenever I hear that kind of talk, I nip it quickly.  I'm ok with dressing up, in nice costumes, just for fun.  I'm even semi-ok with trick-or-treating.  But every year, I see more houses elaborately decorated for Halloween and less for Christmas.  I really don't get it.  I'm not talking "fall" decorations, I'm talking R.I.P. stones all over the yards, webs from one corner of the house to the other, and purple & orange lights hanging on bushes and gutters.

This is why I appreciate my friend's blog post where she wrote a little about Christmas.  I love that her family has such a huge passion for Christmas and gets super excited about it.  I used to be one who never would put up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving because I wanted to get through one holiday before moving to the next.  But what better reason to be thankful than for the birth of Jesus Christ?  So this year, I do believe our tree will be up before Thanksgiving!  But this whole Halloween thing... I'm just not sure about it.


  1. We don't do anything for Halloween - no trick-or-treating and not even the "trunk-or-treat" at church (which is meant, perhaps, as an outreach to unchurched kids, okay...but I have a problem with it in terms of church kids actually participating). To me, Halloween mars the most beautiful time of the year and what would otherwise be my favorite season. And I agree with you: the gory stuff is becoming more prevalent than ever before. That's rather scary in a way.

  2. I do agree with Tina. We don't get into Halloween. When we look at the roots of it, we don't want to bring any glory to the one it is intended to honor. It is frightening to see how people embrace it these days. But then again, the Bible is clear that the closer we get to the Lord's return, the more people will be preocuupied with things of Satan and evil.

    Glad to see you. We sure have missed our blogging buddies these last three weeks. Hope autumn is going splendidly for your family.



  3. We don't do much with it either. The girls get dress-up costumes sometimes to just play around in the house with, but we don't do any parties or trick-or-treating.