Thursday, October 27, 2011

Health Experiment & Art

Health Experiment

To demonstrate how our bodies compensate for environmental temperatures, we did a simple experiment.

One bowl was filled with ice water, another with warm water and the red one in the middle was room temperature.  Simultaneously, Emily put one hand in the ice water and the other in the warm water for 20 seconds.

Then she put them both in the bowl that held room temperature water.  The room temperature water felt really warm to the hand that was previously in the ice water and cold to the hand that was previously in the warm water.  She thought that was "so weird!"


There was a mosaic projected assigned a couple weeks ago that we didn't do.  While shopping one day, I just happened to find a mosaic kit on clearance for $5, originally $15!  So Emily started and completed the entire project on Tuesday. 

First, she glued the design onto the board...

Then she glued the mirror in place and began gluing each tile... 

Lastly, she grouted taking care to wipe off any excess... 

And voila!  It turned out so nice!

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  1. We made the experiment with water at school, too :)

    And the mosaic is really beautiful!