Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Review: Productive Week

I don't really have much to write about.  The week went fast.  No projects, except for the 44 bracelets Emily and I made to sell at our Relay For Life!  We strung a ribbon charm on most of them that says HOPE.  The best part is that we have very little invested in them because we had a slew of beads already.  We bought the charms and the stretchy string, and both were very inexpensive.

Our other "art" project was making our team banner for the Relay. It's looking really great. I just need to sew a border around it, then it's done. The Relay is in two weeks, so we're down to the wire now. We are getting very excited!

We are quickly wrapping up our studies in My Father's World.  Not a whole lot to report.  The high frequency word flashcards are a tremendous help to Katie.  I really wish I had remembered them earlier this school year.  Oh well.  The point is that she is learning and that makes mamma happy!  We live near an awesome college university and they offer summer reading courses to help boost reading for all ages, including adults who would like to learn speed-reading skills!  Maybe I should take that course for myself!  I'm thinking of registering the kids for a course.  Anything to help boost reading skills!

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