Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week that Barely Happened

Once again, it's kind of a blur.  No, really!  I'm thinking deeply about what I might write, knowing that it will not be anything substantial! 

Since Katie has been a little upset about my decision to drop out of co-op, I thought it would be a nice surprise to visit the co-op during lunch on Monday. She was very happy! ...until it was time to go. Then, she began questioning my decision and practically begged to go back. Some may think we are cruel for keeping our kids from something they love. But, it was a decision that Hubs and I made together and still feel it is best for our family at this time. There's plenty of really great things I'd like to do, but I must choose the best out of all the good! 

The depressed state that Katie was in vanished when we walked through the library doors. Nice save! Both girls brought many great books home and the rest of the day was enjoyable.

We are plugging through The Children's Homer although I admit that we are getting a little bored with it. I pre-read and summarized a couple chapters to ease the boredom. And the 'Greeks vs. Trojans' chart we made helps us keep track of who's who. I'm still not giving up on it.

We are reading about David, "the man after God's own heart." What a great example of the kind of person I want to be - a great friend, slow to anger, non-judgmental, forgiving, and passionate.... a woman after God's own heart is who I want to be! And I pray that for my girls as well.

We had quite a lot to do this week, outside of schooling. For this reason, we didn't complete everything on our schedule. We will, in time. Hubs is still gone. His work got delayed since their parent company is located in Tokyo. They are doing their best to carry on as usual, but getting people and shipments here from Japan is tough right now. Parts of Japan is rationing electricity now as well, so production has slowed tremendously after being shut down for a while. He's been gone for three weeks and now has one more to go. I hope that plan pans out. We miss him!

Thursday was gorgeous! I planned on making green eggs for breakfast, or lunch, but St. Patrick's Day nibbles were provided for us at Bible study in the morning, so I sat my plans aside and absorbed the creativity of others! We ran some errands in the warm sunshine and then came home and played outside. Later on, we went to the Upward Award Program. We thoroughly enjoyed the Christian comedian/vantriloquest/magician. He brought me to tears when he extended an invitation for children and adults to accept the Lord into their lives. Hear the prayers of the children and some adults gave me chills from head to toe as tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. I pray I never forget that moment.

Friday didn't really happen. Or, did it? We read some, and decided that the chirping birds needed to be fed.  We made some pinecone bird feeders.

First, we spread peanut butter on the pinecone, and then rolled it in bird seed.  Voila!

I tied a string around each one and hung them in our tree.

Half our weekend is busy, so I'm glad to have tonight to just chill out.  I've got my feet up and a pillow behind my back (it's hurting again), and the kids are next door playing.  This could be a good evening!

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  1. Cute bird feeders!! I'm very proud of you for trudging through Homer. I still wince when I look at it. :)

  2. I keep meaning to make pine cone feeders for our feathered friends, but we haven't yet!

  3. What a week! It is so hard to make decisions that are kids don't always agree with. Thanks for sharing!

  4. visiting from Kathy's. Hey, if you and your hubs are on the same track, stick with it. SUper cute bird feeders. lol, we just threw out a ton of them, oops. Ours are really pokey though. Might just have to try it though...maybe with some gloves on!

  5. Oh! What nice looking weather! Those look like great birdfeeders. I am sure the birds appreciate it. I wonder what will be the first bird to enjoy his snack?

  6. RYC: Please take pictures of your lapbooks. I would adore seeing them. We are just starting to do some of them.

  7. Hi! Your bird feeders are neat, I would like to try that for some fun :)

    Visiting from Homeschool Highlights!

  8. The library always cheers my girls up too... We opt out of co-op now too, maybe someday.

    Homer was hard for us too...the girls read a lot of it on their own (THEY actually enjoyed it, weird:)

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. Too...can you tell I'm on my phone...making dinner, gracious?!?!!