Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

We took the entire week off last week and travelled to Nashville to tour the Opryland Hotel...

Absorbed a little history at the Hermitage (home of Andrew Jackson)...
Huge Ash Tree

The 8000+ Square Foot Mansion

The Smokehouse

We listened to an audio tour along the way and Katie was showing us what she learned.

Emily was also very much into the audio tour.  It was nice that they had a version for children that was simplified and easier for them to understand.  It was also a bit more entertaining!

The Jackson Tomb

Slave House
(previously occupied by the Jackson's before the mansion was built)

Inside a Slave House

Taking a break!

Spring House

Trail leading to land where field slaves once lived.

Katie looking into the window of a slave house.

The huge trees provide a canopy over the path back to the mansion.  Jason and the kids were waiting, somewhat patiently, while I trailed behind taking pictures.

We had a beautiful day!

Aside from the historical tour, we enjoyed fun festivities at Jellystone campground, complete with inflatable bounce houses & slides, a spider jump, carriage ride through a musical light show, Santa shop, and campfire.  It was one of the best camping trips we've ever had!

We spent Thanksgiving with my 98 year old grandma and over 70 other family members in Southern Illinois.  And we can't forget the shopping on Black Friday!  It was a fantastic week!

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