Saturday, December 18, 2010

More on Free or Cheap Decorations

My previous post has a picture of the table signs I made for our Bible study group, which was a free project for me since I already had everything I needed for it.  All it took was paper, a printer, and a brown ink pad!

I also mentioned a centerpiece but didn't have a picture at the time.  Now I do, so here it is...

In this next picture, we cut wrapping paper to fit inside a picture frame and used it as a backdrop for the twigs, berries & pine cones, another almost free decoration!

Not pictured is a candle that I wrapped in Christmas paper to dress it up and tied it off with a bit of raffia.

Although this next picture has nothing to do with Christmas decorations, it has everything to do with how two godly women have decorated my life!  These ladies are among the best of my friends and mentors.  I've learned so much from and through them and am so thankful God has graced me with their presence!  I love these ladies to pieces!!!

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