Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We went to see "A Christmas Carol" today at the Playhouse.  It was an outstanding performance and I met a very nice couple who sat next to us.  This may be my all-time favorite play!  So, I'm not really saying "Ba-hum-bug!"

What else is going on?  Well, we finally put the tree up!  We have two trees and thought we would use the bigger one this year, until hubs set it up and we remembered that it isn't pre-lit.  Strike 1.  He pulled out the lights, plugged them to test them and half on each strand were out.  Strike 2.  After mulling over it for a little while, the tree really didn't fit well in the place we decided it shoud go.  Strike 3.  It's out!  So, that tree came down and other one came up.  It is pre-lit and went up in a matter of about 3 minutes since it's on hinges.  During the "ups & downs" of the trees, I sat cozily on the couch watching while eating dark chocolate M&M's!

I've done very little shopping and have two grab bag gifts to purchase before Friday!  The few times I was able to look for a gift, nothing grabbed my eye as I quickly made my way through the store.  Why does it seem so difficult to choose a $10 grab bag gift?

I'm seriously considering making this our last week of school until January since I'm feeling very overwhelmed with everything.  But, it's likely that the thought of getting behind in school will overwhelm me too, and I'll end up forcing myself (and the poor children) to continue for one more week!  But, it will all work out, right?

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  1. For many years we have taken off from Thanksgiving until after the New Year's Day holiday. We do lots of hands on learning stuff and spend time doing outreach and volunteering in the community instead of book learning. It is one of my favorite things about home school... having the freedom to take off when we want to.