Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Progress!

Monday was our last day of co-op until February.  In some ways it seems like it just started.  It was a good session.  The girls learned a lot from their Apologia & Magic School Bus science classes.  For that reason, we haven't done much science at home, except for the pyramid projects because they were really cool and go with our history lessons.  But now, we'll get back to doing science at home, so prepare yourself to see more pictures on my blog! 

We had a short day on Tuesday, partly because I wasn't feeling motivated, and partly because I had a dentist appointment and errands to run.  Yes, I finally went to the dentist to have the bonding replaced on my tooth!  He numbed me this time so that he could dig a little deeper to grab the bonding better.  I really hope this is the last time I'm there for this tooth!

After the dentist appointment, we went to the store for new Christmas lights.  Now for the daunting task of putting them up!

We're in week 10 of MFW Creation to the Greeks.  Our fascination with Ancient history continues to grow.  MFW blends the history books so well with the Bible lessons.  This is more than the Sunday school version of Bible stories!  We are learning history through the Bible and loving it!  This curriculum is making a huge difference in the progress we're making in school this year.  It's such a nice change!  I'm sure that my maturing children helps too!  Emily finished her math book and I have all lessons planned until we break for Christmas. Ahhh, accomplishment!

Wednesday was busy, as usual.  We got through school, the kids had some play time, Emily had gymnastics, and Katie had musical practice.  I did a little shopping while the kids were at their activities.  Don't get too excited though, I only had an hour! 

I felt rushed on Thursday because my in-laws planned a visit with us in the afternoon.  The house was a wreck!  Dishes everywhere, toys all over, dirty laundry.....  So, the first thing we did was home economics!  While the kids picked up their stuff, I thoroughly cleaned the main bathroom.  (I have to put a plug in for Green Works, my new favorite cleaner!  It's environmentally friendly and leaves my bathroom & kitchen smelling clean & fresh like nothing else I've ever tried!)  The biggest job was the kitchen though.  But it was all conquered and it felt good to get it all done!

We had just enough time to complete a full day of lessons.  I can't believe we finished without "cramming."  I'm refusing to do that this year!  This has been our best year so far and I don't want to rush through it just to "get it done."  One day at a time!

I'm more and more amazed at how quickly Katie is picking up on reading.  She almost always makes a good effort and often figures it out on her own.  The MFW 1st Grade Bible Reader is perfect for her.  She loves that she can color the illustrations herself, which gives her a sense of ownership and aids in her desire to read it.  She also likes the Bible notebook and is still loving math.

Emily is now working on lessons in her new math book, she's not griping as much about writing, and is doing much better with spelling since we switched to Sequential Spelling.  The Spectrum book has been set aside for the time being (maybe forever).  She learns the words better when they are grouped in word families.  It's a remarkable difference!

The second I jumped in the shower, my inlaws arrived.  But they understood, so I carried on and even took a little extra time since the kids were occupied with them and not bugging me in the bathroom!  It was a rare and cherished moment!

I'm not sure where my energy came from on Thursday night, but I sure was thankful for it!  I made a pot of chili and a big pot of veggie soup.  The house smelled delightful. :)

Today, Friday, is a bit low-key.  We don't have much school left on our agenda, which is a good thing because we have lots to do today.  Christmas lights and running errands are at the top of the list.  Although, I'm not sure how much we will actually accomplish because I have a bit of a belly ache and Katie has an ugly cough.  I'm praying!

I didn't get a chance to write a wrap-up for last week, but I don't recall anything outstanding happening, so we'll just let that one go!  All I can say is that it, like the others, was a great week! :)

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  1. What a busy week. And the coughing has made its way back to our house as well. No fun. :(

  2. Hi - visiting from The Weekly Wrap-Up. This is my first time to your blog. I look forward to following you now!