Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wassail...and more!

Last week's weekly wrap-up came and went before I even had a chance to add mine!  So this week will just have to cover both.

We had a huge 2-day gymnastics meet over the weekend so there was little time for anything else.  It was great though.  We had so much fun watching these girls compete.  They continue to improve each time.

I've been longing for my Bible study group.  I haven't attended the last session or the current one because of school.  Last year was a difficult year because we had so much in our school schedule.  This year, our load is lighter and I now realize that I could have done the Bible study.  They'll be starting another one in January, so I may rejoin then, I hope!

I'm very excited to share that I just placed my order for my all-time favorite Wassail Spice Blend from the Biltmore Estate on-line shop.  It's the best ever!!!  I ordered five of them so that I'm sure to have some for guests and some for gift-giving.  YUM!!!

Today was our last day of co-op until next year.  I think everyone is glad for the break.  The next session starts in February, which I'm not sure if we'll attend or not.  I'm always so wishy-washy over co-op.  The kids love it, but it's another expense and a day out during winter months when illnesses linger.  I try to avoid taking my kids out as much as possilbe during the winter, especially with the asthma and the fact that Emily ended up in the hospital last year with pneumonia (again).  But the classes they started this session are continuing next session.  They are good classes.  But is it worth the extra risk of illness and the added expense?

How many of you attend a co-op, or some other classes outside the home?

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