Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekly Review: Blessed

This week, I felt almost overwhelmed with gratefullness.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and since it's soon approaching, I'm reminded of all that I have to be thakful for.  This day alone (Friday) presented itself with many blessings of which I am deeply grateful.  The kids and I spent extra time in prayer today and we got to experience immediate answers, of which we praised God for!

The entire week went really well, overall.  Monday was co-op, as usual.  We only have two more weeks of co-op and then we break until February.  I like our co-op schedule.  Not too long, not too short.  But, it's still a day out of the house, which presents some challenges on busy weeks.

This is one project that Emily made at co-op on Monday.  It is a "replica" of an old stone carving.  They used floral foam and plasic knives for carving tools.  It was a messy project, but the kids had a lot of fun with it!  We decided that the boy who carved the one on the left took on a more impressionist approach!

Tuesday was a motivational challenge for me.  But once I got started, I had a hard time stopping!  The kids hate it when that happens!  Ha-ha.

Wednesday was productive
but I felt all out of sorts on Thursday.  I felt like everything was a challenge!  Not for the kids, but for me!  What is with that?  I just felt discombobulated all day long.  Then, I realized what part (if not most) of the problem was.  Our school room was too messy and cluttered for me to think clearly.  Once I got it straightened up, the day went a bit better.

Friday was wonderful.  My new "mobile" method of schooling is working out great.  Oh, did I not mention that?  Well, I have a rolling crate that wasn't getting much use.

We sometimes take it to co-op to cart our lunch and books in.  Otherwise, it stayed folded up in the closet.  Not anymore!  I filled it with a Bible, and other reading texts, along with our schedule, so that I can easily roll it from the "classroom" to the living room or bedroom where we can all comfortably sit and relax during this portion of our schooling.  Sometimes the girls color while I read to them, or they work on another simple project, just to keep their hands busy.  A latch-hook rug was the project of choice for Emily this week.  She's done with it now though and is already wanting another one!

Katie had fun playing math games...

Friday evening was equally as wonderful.  I spent a few hours with my Barbies (my girlfriends - yes, we all have our very own Barbie names!) and it was just wonderful.  I'm incredibly blessed to have a circle of friends who love the Lord.  We stamped some cards, ate some soup, and had great conversation.  After leaving there, I went to a family birthday party, continuing to feel blessed.  What a glorious night!

Saturday will bring some busyness.  I am making a birthday cake for my niece and the party starts early in the evening.  I'm sure it will be a great day as well!

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  1. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope your weekend is blessed! melissa

  2. Barbie nicknames!!! That's awesome!!

  3. I love the rolling cart! I may have to see how much one costs. :p I moved to a more mobile set-up this year, but my basket isn't nearly as mobile as I'd wanted. So I have the binders sitting on my very small desk taking up way too much room and the basket is still sitting across the room next to my comfy chair.