Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Well, maybe.  School this week was ok.  We are still not back on the MFW wagon, but we will be soon!  I know some families who are done or nearly done with school until fall!  I can't even imagine!

This week, we mostly did math and language with a little science and art thrown in.  I puchased these really neat geography games, so that's how we've been studying geography!  I saw them at our homeschool convention and regretted buying them until I found a store on ebay where I got them for a lower price. =)   They are called "10 Days in...  Africa, Asia, Europe, and the USA" and are so much fun to play.  I wish they had one for Central & South America.  Maybe they will some day.

We've also been playing blokus, which Emily and I both love. It's all about strategy. And we've enjoyed playing marcala as well, learning more about the African culture while playing it.

All things considered, I guess we did ok this week. We'll be in Florida soaking up the rays next week for a much needed vacation! Now that's something to look forward to!


  1. It's a pleasure to see how others school their children. (You can get ideas that way) :) Have a wonderful vacation!! Blessings! ~Amy

  2. Have a great vacation! I love finding little "treasures" that go right along the curriculum we are using. I feel like God really leads me to some cool "extras" once in awhile. We will be following you to Florida in a week and a half :)

  3. Those are very cool looking games!! I wish I had them before this year began. Have a fun vacation!!

  4. Emily, I hope your trip to Florida is a bit more pleasant than mine.

    Jen, these games are a lot of fun and something I recommend, even after Exploring Countries & Cultures!