Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost Unschooling

Thank God for ample opportunity to learn through circumstances!  MFW has sort of been set aside since we've had so much happening.  We've managed to stick with math at home and have been playing word and geography games which I'll write about in another post.  Our time in the car has been great for science, reading, flashcards, and doing educational crosswords.  Trips to the hospital have provided their own learning experiences.

So this brings me to share amazing things with you!  After passing a kidney stone last week and anxiously thinking about getting back to somewhat of a "normal" schedule, the hospital notified me that further review of my xrays revealed questionable findings.  Having had cancer seven years ago, I became a little concerned and had to consiously calm myself and take deep breaths.  I went outside, away from my kids, and had myself a tiny breakdown.  It lasted only a few minutes before I managed to compose myself and hear a Word from God.

For a year or so after being diagnosed with cancer, I lived in fear, always wondering if the next time I walked into the doctor's office would be the time I'd hear the cancer returned.  Then, God freed me from the power Satan had over my thoughts and I truly claimed Christ's victory over my life.  Last week, I quickly realized that Satan does not have power over me and I refused to allow him to instill that spirit of fear in me again.  I had total peace.  On Friday, as I sat in my oncologist's office, I continued to claim that victory and I prayed through some Scriptures believing that this was all nothing to worry about.  I had an ultrasound Friday evening and even though I haven't gotten an official word from my doctor yet, the ultrasound technician didn't see anything abnormal!  Praise God!

I debated about whether or not I needed to share this.  But many people are held captive by fear.  If this post sends any message to anyone, I hope that it is to not let fear cripple you!  It will trip you up every time unless you speak God's Word over it and believe what you know to be true!  Satan is the author of lies and he wanted me to believe in them.  He wants us all to believe in them.  But we must stand up and rebuke him in the name of Christ!  I know that God has a plan, no matter what.  And His plan does not include Satan.

I'm thankful to have experienced God in a new and refreshing way.  To say we have faith is one thing, but to be able to honestly demonstrate it, to live it as we shoud; this is what it means to

As far as school goes, I'm hoping to get back to somewhat of a normal schedule this week.  Our last co-op day is Monday and I'm really hoping for a less active week!

May God Bless you all in the week ahead!


  1. Fear is a horrible thing. I have battled with it for quite a while now. You can drive yourself crazy with all the "what if" situations. But you do have to give it all to God. I will say a prayer for a good report from your doc. Keep us posted.

  2. Yes, Praise God for wonderful results! I'm glad you shared this. Fear is so crippling and I appreciate reading this right now. It trips me up so often and this reminder is so timely. God Bless you Lisa :)