Friday, April 16, 2010


The past two weeks have my head spinning and I'm exhausted from it!  The whirlwind of events started with my daughter being hospitalized with pneumonia and having problems with her asthma.  Then, there were three days of the homeschool convention.  I was up late last Sunday making cupcakes & working on a project for a class I teach at our co-op; a project I should have done much earlier, but didn't have time.  We had co-op all day Monday, gym & swim on Tuesday and a Relay For Life meeting Tuesday night, and Bible Study on Thursday.  And I haven't gotten to bed before 12:30 in two weeks!  I'm looking forward to camping this weekend so I can relax!  Of course, we are celebrating Katie's birthday at the park, so there will be some activity.  We may have 25 or more attending her party, so I had to make sure all the shopping was done today and I made her cake this evening.  It's Birthday Week (yeah, our birthday celebrations last about a week!), so there's lots going on!  Unfortunately, not much of school is going on right now!


  1. Have fun camping and celebrating her birthday. I hope she has a fun day.

  2. Wow! That does sound exhausting! Isn't it amazing what we do?! I've never found camping to be relaxing, but I hope it is for you this weekend :) Wishing you some quieter weeks in the near future!