Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unexpected Field Trip

Our week started with a non-traditional Easter meal of New York Strip steaks, macaroni salad, corn, and fruit.  That's right - no ham!  My father-in-law marinated and grilled the steaks to perfection and my mother-in-law made a delicious lemon cake for dessert.  Dinner was followed by an egg hunt for the kids and I later took the dogs for a walk after feeling guilty for eating so much!  All in all, it was a beautiful and relaxing day.

On Monday, Emily woke up at 5am with an asthma attack and had a series of them throughout the day.  We went to co-op, taking her rescue meds with us, just in case.  By 2pm, she had four breathing treatments, turned ghostly white, and still struggled to breath normally.  We went home and she started vomiting.  My first thought was that she had strep throat, so I planned on calling the doctor first thing in the morning.  But, by 9pm, Emily was really struggling to breath and I decided it was time for a field the emergency room!

Thankfully, we are close to Children's Hospital.  There was no waiting for hours, they took her right in and almost immediately started her on oxygen.  Her oxygen was at 87% when we got there and she was dehydrated.  She was given zophran for the vomiting & nausea and then an IV with fluids and added antibiotics after diagnosing her with pneumonia.  By 2am, her color began to return and she finally cracked a smile.  By morning, the nurses were able to reduce the amount of oxygen they were giving her and within a few hours, they took her off completely.  By this time, she looked so much better.  She was released around 6pm on Tuesday.  Needless to say, we did not have school that day!

Wednesday was spent recovering from the previous two days and Thursday afternoon I volunteered at our local Homeschool Convention while my hubby stayed home with the kiddos.  Friday, I took Emily to her doctor for a follow-up, which went fine.  We met my hubby for lunch and while he stayed home with the kids (again), I went back to the conference to browse through the exhibit hall full of curriculum vendors.

As you can see, we had a very busy week and accomplished very little schooling.  I'm starting to wonder if we'll be catching up in the summer.??  I was hoping to complete our studies by the end of May but I'm not seeing that happen!  I already decided to continue math through the summer (and reading, of course), but hadn't planned on anything else.  My plans may change now.

I sure hope that others had a more productive, less eventful week than mine!


  1. Eventful, to say the least. I'm glad she's fine now. How scary is that! I hate asthma. Let's pray for a less eventful week next week. :)

  2. That is sure eventful! I'll be praying for a less stressful week for you.

  3. Yikes! I hope she gets better quickly. My daughter had pneumonia last summer. It is scary until you know what is going on!