Sunday, April 11, 2010

Homeschool Convention Finds

I'll start by saying that I still love My Father's World and we're sticking with it!  But, I'm very much impressed with many other unit studies out there!  Since we enjoy lapbooking, I was particurarly intrigued with the Time Travelers History Study Series that is available on CD in five different studies: New World Explorers, Colonial Life, The American Revolution, The Early 19th Century, and The Civil War.  They also have great timeline material and other activity packs available.  I didn't get any even though I was so tempted!  I'm trying not to do too much impulse buying!  Although, with this one, I keep thinking about it and I went back to their booth three times!  Something to think about!

Another thing that made an impression on me are games from Family Game Coach.  In particular, the geography games would have been perfect to use during our current school year, since we're in MFW Countries & Cultures.  They had a pretty good special but they were still more than I was willing to spend, but the wheels started turning as I thought about how fun it might be for the kids and I to spend some time during the summer creating our own games!  Could be fun and they'll be learning without even realizing it!

I ordered our RightStart materials for next year (which I actually plan to start one as soon as we get it and the other during the summer).  I only had to buy the worksheet books and some manipulatives since a friend is lending me her lesson books.

Rainbow Resource had a giant booth there but didn't have most of the materials I needed, so I placed an order.  Thankfully, all these companies offered free shipping when you order at the convention!  So from RR, I ordered McGuffey's Parent/Teacher Guide and two Spectrum Spelling books, one for each child.  I did buy a Parent/Teacher Guide for Intermediate Language Lessons that will be useful once we start on that book.

The only other purchase I made (besides a yummy burrito at Chipotle and some ice cream!) was a Kids Love Travel book.  The authors of these books spend lots of time travelling and have compiled loads of great places to visit into books on each state.  No more countless hours on the internet searching for neat, family friendly field trips, weekend trips, vacations, etc.!  It's all in the book.  I only purchased the book on our state for now but would love to get the surrounding states too.

I think that covers it.  It certainly was a lot to take in - I went all three days!  Being gone so much, away from the family, gave me a much needed break and revived me!  I'm excited and feel energized.  I hope it sticks through the rest of our school year!!!

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