Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running Out of Space

Does anyone else have a space issue?  I keep thinking that I need to part with some things in our school room but what if we'll need them?  I know, I know.  Packrat, right?  I just have a hard time parting with books.  If I store them away, I'll forget that we have them.  We have a whole closet dedicated to supplies, such as paper, markers, crayons, paints, pencils, erasers, glue, clay, general art supplies, science kits, etc.  It's overflowing, and overwhelming!  The room itself houses the two school desks, tall bookcases, an 8-cubby unit, our desk for our computer, and a filing cabinet, so the least bit of clutter in the room is a big deal.  It's something that I work on almost every day.  If I don't, it would get out of control really fast.  Trust me, I know!  I've neglected it more than once and it's not pretty!

Does anyone have any suggestions for me or at least some words of encouragement???


  1. A rough start is worth the less stressful December we had. By next week it'll be better. I hope. As for used curriculum, I never even think to buy it used. I'm even a part of the MFW swap. They always have the stuff for sale. Try there first.

    My kids are almost (2nd gr)8 and (4th gr)9 1/2. They love MFW. I think they like it cuz it's not super full. We aren't bogged down with book after book. I must agree. :)

  2. I get very overwhelmed with all of our school supplies as well. I just bought 2 more storage shelves for our school room (I too already have 3 bookshelves, 3 desks, a filing drawer and filing tupperware, 2 plastic drawer containers...yikes)! I can't say I have an answer for you! I've heard that "everything needs a space" if you don't have a space for something, throw it out, or start getting containers to label and put stuff in! good luck...I couldn't start school again until I got my new storage system up and running...not sure if it's working yet...we'll see!