Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let the Busy Days Begin

So, I'm really behind on blogging.  Hummm, where are my priorities?  Well, Monday was our first official day back to school after our Christmas break and this week started three nights of gymnastics, and one night of cheerleading practice.  In a couple weeks, I'll start another Bible study, and the following week we start back at co-op.  We haven't gotten the game schedule yet, but those will be every Saturday morning.

Now, this may sound like a lot, and I suppose it is.  However, I can't think of a better time for home education than this!  If we had to add mounds of homework to our days, I think that the extracurricular activities would have to go!  I have many friends whose children are in public schools and they always complain about the amount of homework their children have each night.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to educate our children at home so that they are able to enjoy other activities without feeling too bogged down.  Not to mention the top-notch quality of one-on-one assistance they get!

How is your first week back going?

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  1. I am constanting seeing people on facebook complaining that their kids have a TON of homework. It makes me truly thankful I can stay home and teach them. We tried private school for Little mans 1st grade and then threw in swimming, but that was so hard. Even one day a week was enough to keep me spinning. Kids these days are having aroung 2-4 hours of homework EVERY day. That's crazy!! We're done my lunch. :) I feel bad for those kids. No wonder they go bonkers during the breaks they get. Their brains are fried.