Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flash Card & Story Organization

In an attempt to keep all of our Kindergarten flash cards and stories organized, I'm using this 3x5 index card file box I found at Staples for $1.49. I'll make all the cards 3x5 so they fit perfectly and once the stories are cut & stapled, they fit well also. I plan to put clear contact paper on both sides of the flash cards for durability. I set up a template on the computer that will fit 4 3x5 cards on each page. So I'll print each page (with words), trim only the outer edges, cover both sides with contact paper, and then cut apart each card. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot of work. But, this can be done while I'm watching TV at night and I enjoy doing these things, so it's not a big deal for me. If I had neater handwriting, I would just print the words on blank index cards and be done. I'm more gifted at typing! One of these days, I'll post my templates to share. Maybe I can save someone else the time making them.

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  1. Since you visited my blog I decided to come visit yours! Everything on here (The last several posts) I can relate to! We are way behind where I hoped with MFW K (Senses) and I have started resorting to my own methods of teaching my daughter to read. I am seeing here that if I wait it out it will happen (although I am not going to wait it out).... I guess maybe the thing to do would have been to read that whole lesson plan book before using it. Oh well! We will mosey on at our pace and I will know to make those flash cards and possibly start reading way ahead to see what is coming.

    And yes, I have a hard time not keeping any thing that can be used for school and I have four kids so I know it can be used eventually with one of them or all. I feel like a packrat, too.... but it is such good stuff! LOL!! As far as what to do.... that varies... bins with a index card taped onto it that list what is in the bin (I have one that is for all foam sheeting and all the shapes, etc. Anything with foam goes there... I have one with all paint related type things... one with all glue, glue sticks, spray glue, any adhesive.... one with "fun kits" the things that come in kits for the kids to do.... one with flashcards, index cards, game cards, any thing that is a "card".... Big tubs work great for storing things that can slide under a table or in a closet..... puzzles are all group on a shelf and we have a mountain of those.... wooden puzzles are in an armoire with a safety lock in the kids room.... puzzles work great removed from their box and placed in zipper bags with the picture attached to the front of the bag.... maybe I will do a post about this sometime and submit my ideas along with a pic of all the stuff I still need to organize! LOL! ;)