Friday, September 2, 2011

Pictures & Prep

Back to School Pictures:

We will officially start school on Tuesday next week but I went ahead and took a few pictures yesterday.  I never go to "professional" studios for pictures.  I figure it's more personal to take my own and it's just easier for me.  Of course, we all know that I'll take more on their first day of school. :)


I'll be spending the rest of today and a portion of the weekend preparing things for school.  We are cleaning up our work space and clearing bookshelves of unwanted things and reorganizing the rest.  My hope is to organize readers by level and other books by subject.  I hope it works out that way.

We have oodles of bookshelves, but I always feel like we need more!  I suppose that's the time to purge.  This is not easy for me though.  I know the second I get rid of something, I'll have a use for it soon after.  But, I can't keep it all - I'm running out of space!

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  1. Oh, I want to do school pictures with my girls so badly! I'm not at all a photographer though, so I don't know how to make them really turn out. I guess if I take 50 of each of them one is about to come out okay :)

  2. Your girls are so beautiful!
    We start Tuesday as well. I think we're all pretty much ready now.

  3. Lisa,
    Your pictures are great. I really need to get some pictures done myself.

    Thanks for your comment and encouragement on my blog. You do have me pegged. :) I am a list checker and it is hard for me "not" to do something. But I will say it is getting easier each week and we are getting into a semi groove. I'm glad also to hear someone agree with me on the amt of reading. Thankfully DH volunteered to read "The Bronze Bow" at night or I would have no voice left.

  4. Wonderful Back-to-school photos! I still need to take some! LOL

    We're starting back on Tuesday too! It'll be fun to read about our weeks on Friday! All the best for a GREAT first week back!

    Stopping by from Kris's Weekly Wrap-up!

  5. Great pictures! I understand bookshelf problem. We're up to 8 full size bookshelves - some on the front porch. My kids are 13 & 18, and I just recently packed away the children's picture books.

  6. The girls have grown so much since last year! I find I am always purging... especially in the spring and fall. I used to think if I got rid of it that's when I would need it but what I have found is even if that is true, the Lord provides if for me. So go ahead and donate what you don't need to someone who needs it more. You will feel so much better! We are toying with starting school on Tuesday. with a hurricane and a tropical storm the weather has kept everyone indoors for a week and it doesn't look like it will be any better next week. Might as well do school then, eh? The only catch is, since hubby thought we wouldn't start until October, which is when we typically start, he began a project in our school room and it is now a complete disaster area and I am not sure I will be able to find anything! It might be easier to pray for a sunny day than to start lessons up. Ha.

    Have a great start of the year,


  7. Love your pics...I should do that too! I took a picture one year that turned out great of my daughter by our morning glory & it came out so good that I used it as my 'pro' photo & printed it out on Shutterfly as my pic for the year. She was nearly 5 & I haven't taken anything more than random snapshots since! I think I'll give taking some photos a shot & see how they come out! I cannot afford going to a studio! Thanks for inspiring me.

  8. I love your portraits!!! They look professional.