Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ready for a Full Week... or Not

We've yet to have a full week of school since we started.  And just when I thought we would have one this week, I remembered that we have a field trip on Thursday!  No, I am not kidding!!!  The field trip will be great though.  We are going to the Renaissance Festival, which will go along with our studies this year.  I'm sure I'll have pictures to post!

Speaking of pictures, notice I haven't posted any in a while.  I've been too lazy to download them.  Or maybe I've just been busy - yeah, we'll go with that!

In all reality, the start of another school year has wiped me out.  Especially that first week.  I was so exhausted!  I've been going to bed earlier (which is still late by many people's standards) and sleeping fairly well.  All the talking from reading aloud is tiring.  And all the thinking involved in lesson planning and teaching is also exhausting.  At least I'm on a better schedule though.

So here's what our coming week will look like.  Co-op on Monday, regular school days Tuesday & Wednesday, field trip Thursday, and regular school day Friday.  It's a bit of a broken up week, but I'm sure it will be great.

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