Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School & Movie with Friends

We had a long morning thanks to math.  I had planned on continuing math through the summer, but we didn't.  And boy did we pay for it.  I didn't realize we would have to review so much.  I felt bad for the kids because they got somewhat frustrated for not remembering some things.  On a positive note, they didn't whine too much and I think it will all come back quickly.  I'm seeing math games in our future to review the facts.

Terrific Tuesday started today, which was unplanned but needed.  Emily had this idea a few weeks ago for us to have Terrific Tuesday once a month - a day for playing games, doing random art or science projects, or just whatever.  It might even entail a field trip or lunch out.  Anything somewhat educational that is off our regular course.

Anyway, I let the girls do an art project of their choice.  Emily chose to shape beads around wire hooks to bake in the oven.

Basically, she traced a shape onto foil and then filled that shape with the beads.  Unfortunately, they didn't melt around the hooks like they were supposed to, so we'll have to try again.

Katie collected some clothespins and pom poms (or as she calls them, puff balls) for her art project and ended up making a butterfly.

She flattened the coffee filter and colored it with markers...

Then she sprinkled drops of water on it... 

Painted the clothes pin... 

Attached a pipe cleaner and voila... a butterfly! 

The only other thing we did today was our MFW history.  And we didn't even make it all the way through that.  We spent about five hours in school today and didn't accomplish near as much as I thought we would have in just three to four hours.  The beginning of each year is always like this for me and I know that it usually takes at least a few weeks to find that groove.  So I'm not discouraged yet!

Later on, I went to see The Help with my friends.  The book was excellent and the movie was great, too.  We went for a bite to eat afterwards, which was a great time to catch up.  It's been a while since we've gotten together and it was nice to get out for a while.

When I came home, the kids instantly wanted my undivided attention.  Really, these little people just can't get enough of me!  You would think that they would want some space after spending all day with me.  They acted like I'd been gone for days!  I have to admit, it's nice feeling that loved. :)

Bedtime is a chore.  Emily was still awake last time I checked at 11:45.  Katie was asleep but hadn't been for long.  She sang herself to sleep.  I could hear her precious voice.  I guess I'm just going to have to wake them both up super early one day so they'll be more tired that night.  This means I'll have to deal with two grouchy children for a day.  Maybe even a grouchy me!  I'm not great at getting up early, or going to bed early.  I need to discipline myself better.  If it weren't for us wanting to finish school by 2:00 or so, I wouldn't be bothered by starting later in the morning.  But for the sake of having dinner prepared on time, getting Emily to gymnastics and church activities, we need to have school work done earlier.  I pray for God to help me with this!

So that was our first official day of school this year.  I still believe this will be a great year and I believe we will push past some stumbling blocks.


  1. I always have the same problem with maths, so I started this week to remind myself a bit, before school starts again.

  2. I dread starting Math this year. We didn't do a lick of it over the summer. I know we're gonna pay for that. :(

  3. We're also in the habit of going to bed too late. Poor sleepy munchkins!

  4. With rain, rain, rain for the last two weeks and rain, rain, rain in the forecast for the next week right up until our vacation, we decided to jump into school this week.

    Like you, it is slow going. But the first week or two always is. we are in the similar math boat with the boys. They both seem to have forgotten all the facts they knew so well in May. I usually have them listen to the songs and sing them throughout the summer to keep those things fresh, but with baby, I seriously slacked off this summer. And we are going to be paying the price.

    Thanks for the word on The Help. I got the book some time ago and haven't had time to read it yet but would like to see the movie... but only if it is worth it. I hate going to see something I think will be good and finding out it is crude or just plain not good.

    Happy back to school,