Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Help with Reading

Here are some ideas I found on the My Father's World forum, that would apply to anyone needing some ideas to aid the reading process.  (I think you have to register to enter some portions of the forum and make comments.)

1.   Read the story from her phonics reader (or any phonics book) first.  Then read it together.  Then have her read it by herself.

2.   Do 3 separate reading times each day.  The first one would be the reading lesson in MFW.  The second is re-reading a previous story (or easy reader) that she still needs to work on (this is when I would do the I read, we read, she reads, from #1).  The third reading would be at bedtime where she reads something I know she has already mastered.

3.   Continue with the scheduled phonics lessons, and go back to review previous lessons (especially the ones she struggles with).

4.   Do the daily phonics lesson, take a break, then review it.  Or, review it just before or after dinner.  This would be a quick review.

5.   Play the games suggested in the appendix of the TM.

Since I have a struggling reader, I'm implementing these ideas right away.  I hope to report progress in the next few weeks!

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  1. Thanks for posting...I haven't looked for this on the forum so I'm glad you posted it! My daughter is doing well, but she seems to resist reading more than my boys did. I will try this as well and see if it helps! I really need to spend more time with her on this - I get caught up and forget to have her practice enough.