Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly Review: Another Short Week

Learning about Rome is very interesting.  We like all of our books so far but we are having a bit of trouble keeping up with all the reading.  There is a lot!  Augustus Caesar's World is the longest.  We are starting to adjust to it though.  Sometimes the girls color while I read but that's not usually their favorite thing to do.  Other times, they hang upside down like monkies or I let them play with my hair! :)  That's my kind of reading!  I love when they play with my hair and it makes them feel special to get to "do" mommy's hair!

Math is going well with Emily.  We've kept up with that every day.  She forgot some multiplication facts over the summer, but they are returning to her memory quicker than I expected.  We practice frequently and I found a great website for math games that has been incredibly helpful, and fun for her!  There are so many games to choose from, which helps those children who bore easily.

Math for Katie isn't happening as much right now.  I'm focusing on her reading, which is showing signs of improvement, praise God!  I'm finding that if she really wants to, she can do it.  The reading ideas I read in forums are helping.

Emily still hasn't started language arts, writing or spelling.  We will, I promise!  Maybe next week.  We are going to start doing McGuffey Readers but I'm not sure what that will look like yet.  I've read the beginning of the parent guide a few times, now I just need to read more about the lessons and actually do them!  She is reading every day, often without being told; a big step from last year. :)

We were supposed to finish week 3 in MFW, but since we had a 3-day week and lengthy history readings , we didn't even start the 3rd week.  We'll catch up at some point and it will be fine. 

I'm actually in Pittsburgh, PA right now, attending a Relay For Life leadership summit.  I'm homesick for my family and rumor has it that my dog is moping around.  Poor poochie!  My kids are doing ok.  Although, Katie has a cold and Hubs isn't feeling well.  Maybe it's better than I'm not there so I can avoid the germs!

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  1. Enjoy your break and mini vacay. We don't get them often enough. We'll be starting week 3 next week also. Luckily we can combine, later in the year, if we wanna be done before Father's day. :)

  2. We also didn't have a productive week. But we are starting fresh in the morning! Hope you enjoyed your weekend away and family is getting better at home.