Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Gearing Up and Winding Down!

First of all, I'm so ready for warm, dry weather!  I've had enough of all this rain and chilly air.

We are winding down our school year, for the most part.  We have just a few weeks left in MFW Creation to the Greeks.  I have to say, it's kinda boring right now.  I think the best part of this curriculum was learning about Ancient Egypt, with all the pyramids, mummies, the Nile River, etc.  The Bible portion has kept our interest but after Ancient Egypt, the history has just been ok.

As far as MFW First Grade goes, we are lagging behind a bit.  It's so much reading for me, going between the two curricula.  Next year should be much easier on me, doing just one curriculum for both of them.  That's one thing I love about My Father's World! 

We haven't done much in the way of science, other than cooking, weather related discussions, and projects that just "happen."

Math is moving along nicely for Emily.  RightStart is a great fit for her.  Emily is finally starting to get pretty good with multiplication facts.  At this point, most lessons are moving quickly because we skip the parts that Emily already knows.  Makes my life much easier and she's happy to get it done!

For Katie, we've been toggling between The Complete Book of Math and RightStart.  She likes the color of the workbook and I like the lessons in RightStart.  So, we combine them.  She's not big on manipulatives, unless we use Barbies or other things of the sort. :) So the workbook has been nice.

Emily has been working her way through a vocabulary book, which has been great.  I'm glad I started her on it because it's really helping her reading skills.

Speaking of reading... I found a free flashcard download on my new cell phone, so we can work on them where ever we go!  I'm sure Katie will be so excited!!!

And speaking of a new phone... I love it!  The USB socket broke on my old one, so I wasn't able to plug it in to charge it.  What good is that, right?  So, my wonderful husband gave me his old phone that I used until it fell out of my pocket onto the concrete sidewalk last week and shattered the screen.  Well that certainly didn't take long!  It was no secret that I wasn't a fan of that phone, but I honestly didn't mean to drop it!  My plan doesn't allow me to get a new phone until June, but I've been blessed with other people's old phones!  My new one is actually on loan, but it will be the one I end up getting when it's time.

Well, it took me nearly an hour to type this because we have the "Kool-Aid House" which means that kids are in and out constantly!  I don't mind it, but one of them is particularly nosey and kept trying to read as I type.  It's too hard for me to concentrate with someone over my shoulder like that!  I'm thinking that I should join the "extreme coupon" club since we ALWAYS have kids here!

So, we're winding down the school year, but gearing up for our Relay For Life and then for vacation.  Well, it's vacation for the kids and I, but mostly work for my husband.  At least he'll have weekends off!

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  1. How exciting that you're getting nearer to your summer break! We still have a while to go. Did I tell you that I decided to do MFW next year with my girls? I don't remember if I said anything to you or not!

  2. We're winding down our last two weeks of ECC! :^) I do a summer session and then we'll start CtG the second week of August. I'm not looking at the materials yet, but have started to see about creating a weekly grid to help me manage the needs of the 9 and 10 year olds with the 5 year old and infant. :^)

  3. i remember feeling alittle bored at the end of ctg...then the first 12 weeks with rtr was the same (rome...rome...rome...) quite a bit of tweaking, we did!

    lagging shmagging...

    enjoy your week :)