Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secular Songs

When my kids are with me, we listen to contemporary Christian songs.  And most of their friends listen to the same songs.  The hours Emily spends each week in gymnastics is different story.  You would think that a YMCA would not allow songs by Lady Gaga to be played.

Here's where this is coming from.  While on vacation, we were flipping through radio stations in the car and in passing, one song immediately caused Emily to sing along.  Come to find that it was a song by Lady Gaga.  Not knowing much about her, I didn't a little research.  All I knew before was that she is freakishly weird.  After just 15 minutes worth of reading, I'm appauled that the YMCA would allow such songs to be played during any program there!  In her songs, Lady Gaga twists Biblical beliefs to promote sin.  It's just horrible.

Our YMCA has comment cards and I definitely plan to submit one.  They probably don't even realize what they are playing.  Most people don't really listen to complete phrases in songs or bother to learn the meaning behind them.  They just hear a catchy beat and think it's a fun song.  I really hope and pray that they will take my comments seriously.


  1. I totally agree with you!! I mostly listen to christian music in my house. Once in a while, I'll put on one of the songs from my Twilight soundtracks, but then I don't feel so good. Music goes down to my soul and fills me up. I can't live without music, so I need it to be uplifting.

  2. I think you're right about most people not even listening to or thinking about the lyrics. Partly it is just to bop to a catchy tune, and partly it's because our culture is so relativistic that people think, "What's the big deal?" Problem is, the lyrics do get into our souls...and I think that's what Lady Gaga and her ilk bank on.

    I applaud you for letting the Y know you are not pleased. My girls take dance at our Y, and I was shocked at the recital when two different groups than my daughters' danced to "Material Girl" by Madonna (why promote that lifestyle?) and then a hip hop song that I could swear had profanity (and the nastiest words) in it. When a survey came out about the event, I was not shy about expressing my dismay. I have no idea if anything will come of it - maybe they're just rolling their eyes at me - but I agree that an establishment that claims to still be Christian needs to be more discerning, even if that means not going with the cultural flow.