Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Less Behind

Well, here we are with another week down.  It's Friday and I feel like my week has just begun!

This week has had me on a roller coaster of emotions and stress.  I even got a zit from it!  Can you believe that???  A zit in my late 30's... (oh, I mean 20's!).  We are still struggling with our co-op decision.  We went on Monday but may still drop out. 

We've been almost two full weeks behind in our studies and it's driving me crazy!  We are now just one week behind, thanks to all that we accomplished this week.  Praise God!  It even happened by accident!  We were so into the Ancient Bible & history lessons that we just had to know what would come next, so we kept going.  The Squinkies served as Bible characters, which really got the kids into it even more.  Emily even said "now this makes the Bible even more interesting!"  Go figure.  I suppose anytime we can "see" an event acted out, we appreciate it's reality even more.  Don't worry though, when we read that Samson's eyes were gouged out, we didn't actually gouge out the Squinkies eyes!  And there were no beheadings either.  I'm all about hands-on activities, but I do have my limits, you know.

Math is still going great.  Katie is already learning grouping and Emily is still practicing multiplication, along with some geometry.  I honestly don't know what I would do without RightStart.  We played many math games this week.  Which brings me to tell you a funny story.  We searched for one set of math game cards for almost two full days.  We couldn't find them anywhere!  A friend suggested that I just save myself time and stress by simply calling the company to order new ones.  I dialed the number and as I described the set we were missing, I found myself staring right at them!  There they sat, on the desk, in the place where they belong.  I'm thankful that I didn't have to order more, but for crying out loud, where was my mind?  This happened the day after I found my lesson plans in the trash can!  You're seeing the ups & downs now, aren't you?

Reading is getting better each week.  It's a process, just like anything else.  I just wish it would go a little quicker sometimes.  Katie loves writing & illustrating her Bible Notebook from My Father's World 1st Grade.  And she enjoys reading from the Bible Reader too.  She already knows many of her science lessons thanks to past co-op classes.  In fact, I often don't even read from the book; instead, I ask her questions to see how much she remembers.  She likes that better anyway.

Emily has put down the Pathway Reader for the time being, since she's recently declared an American Girl book as her new favorite.  Hey, I'm just happy she's reading!

This weekend is a full one for us.  Katie has basketball pictures at 8am and a game at 9am.  Emily has a gymnastics meet at 4:00 that is about 1-1/2 hours from us.  The timing couldn't have been better for us but it makes for a long day.  On Sunday, the girls are attending an American Girl Valentine tea party with their grandma.  They are excited about wearing their dresses that match their doll's dresses!  Emily wasn't so thrilled about wearing a dress at first, but we let her deal with her emotions and now she's excited about it.  We just have to make some time to shop for shoes before the tea party.

Weekly Wrap-Up


  1. We are way behind too, but sometimes you just gotta let life get in the way and be ok with it, ya know? :)

    The tea party sounds like a blast!

  2. Sounds like a full week!

    I'm excited for your girls that they get to do the AG tea party!

  3. No matter how old we are, we still get zits. (sigh) I blame the kids. :)

  4. Yes, the zits. I feel one coming on! Caroline loves writing and illustrating in her Bible Notebook too. I've been doing the exact same with some of the science lessons that we've already covered. I feel like we did a lot of it last year in depth so I skim more this year. :) Plus, I'm so behind and not fitting everything in. That's pretty funny about the math game cards! Glad you found them :)

    We love the Pathway readers and now my oldest wants one too. Have you been using them all along? I was just going to ask you if you used the workbooks but remembered now that you asked me too. :) We have the workbooks for the 1st grade and she does some of the pages. I haven't assigned too much since we do the Spell to Write and Read but she really likes the workbook. Not sure Calista (4th gr) will. Do you use them?

    Hope you're having a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.

  5. Hi Lisa! I love your background! That is great that you found your math cards! I do those kinds of things, too. How did the Valentines AG tea party go? It sounds like a lot of fun!