Saturday, February 5, 2011

Immersed in Technology

There's a laptop seated across my legs, a new NOOKcolor next to it, a smart phone by my side, and a 40" flatscreen on the wall in front of me.  I'm totally immersed in this world of technology, yet I feel like I know so little about it.  I'm trying to learn more about the NOOK while I text with a friend about the educational downloads I just found on-line, occasionally catching a glimpse of television while I blog about all these things.  It hurts my brain just to think about all that, let alone type it out!  Oh, the multitasking capabilities of a homeschooling mother!

I'm determined to learn how to take full advantage of this NOOK.  My hubby gave it to me on my birthday last week and I wasn't sure at first if I would keep it.  But, in light of some upcoming travel opportunities (more on that later), I'm thinking that keeping it will prove to be a great benefit.  Rather than cram and hull a bunch of books in our luggage, this compact electronic device will consume much less space and serve me well just the same.  I'm very excited to start preparing files, pictures, and music to download to it.  But, it must wait until I have more time, which means I must wait until hubs is home from California tomorrow. :)

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  1. Ok, now I'm excited to hear about where you're going!

    I had a techno moment like yours the other night. Hubby and I were watching a movie on our flatscreen, each of us on a laptop, and he was texting someone on his iphone. Crazy! What would we do without our gadgets? (Well, truthfully, I guess we'd adjust!) Enjoy your weekend!