Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too Much

It's only Tuesday and I feel like we've completed an entire week's worth of lessons!  We did a lot today, starting early and ending late.  You know that I'm already behind and have been trying to catch up.  Combine that with not doing much at all on Monday, and we ended up with a very busy Tuesday.

Public schools were off Monday for President's Day.  I didn't want to take off, but I wasn't feeling well and Emily's neighbor friend came over at 10:00 a.m.  Whenever the public schools have a day off, this girl ends up at our house, usually after lunch time though.  When she popped over at 10:00, I just made her sit with us for our Bible History lesson.  She was fine with it.

We also sat and listened to Katie read from her Biscuit book, which she proudly finished on Monday.

I wasn't feeling well enough to enforce school all day on Monday, which is why we had to do so much on Tuesday.  Poor kids.  I'm such a slave-driver!  Ha-ha... if I really was a slave-driver, we wouldn't be behind!

So, the kids had some fun on Monday.  Katie put the American Girl helmet on our poor dog...
...which she so graciously wore without much complaining.  Maybe she thought she was cool. :)

And all the kids got to free paint...
I think that is a painting of a hamster in a wheel on the above left.

Do you see the little green frog?

I guess Monday wasn't a total loss!

Tuesday was busy, busy!  Once again, we made our Bible lesson come alive by using the Squinkies around the Tabernacle.  Any time we can sacrifice a lamb Squinkie on the Alter of Burnt Offerings makes for a more vivid learning experience!..... 

The kids used other Squinkies for Samuel, Eli, his sons, and other characters.  This really helps us to get through longer days!

I just have to add that we are half-way through the year now, having just entered week 19 of our 34-week curriculum.  We should celebrate!  (But we're not taking a day off to do it!! ha-ha)

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  1. Lisa, Those pictures are cute.

    I am sorry you were not feeling well!

    The Lamb comment was a hoot and you had me smiling with the "we're not taking a day off to do celebrate!" ;)

    Enjoy your week.