Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Project Week

We got back in the swing of things.  Monday was an exciting day.  We had most of our school work done when we found out that we won a 40" flat screen Sony TV!  Seriously!!!  Totally free!  A local furniture had drawings so Jason put his name in and won one!  Whoo hooooooo!!!!

More excitement came on Tuesday morning.  Only it was a different type of excitement.  During school, I heard a strange noise in the back of the house.  I went to investigate but didn't see anything.  Then I heard it again.  It was the gutter pulling away from the corner of the house.  Uh oh.  Thankfully, a nice Christian friend of my dad was able to come out to temporarily fix it before more snow hit this week.  He refused to take any money and said he would come back out next week to do a more permanent fix, at no charge!  What a blessing.  School was mostly done by the time he got here and after he left, we did our science experiment, the highlight of the day!

We worked on some elements of our Tabernacle model on Wednesday and while Emily was at gymnastics, I went to a studio cycling class.  Fifty minutes of that was tough.  I hadn't done it for months, until I started up last week in a beginner class.  I seriously thought I could handle the hour long class this week, but I felt like I was going to puke and then pass out!  I was relieved to have to leave 10 minutes early to get Emily from gymnastics!

Emily looked too cute using her fake glasses (shhh, don't tell her I told you they're fake) to read, so I had to snap a picture!
It snowed all day Thursday!  It was beautiful.  We didn't go anywhere.  We got a good portion of our schooling done and took the rest of the day off to focus on the house and have a little fun.

The majority of school on Friday was spent on the Tabernacle.  What a project!  I'm glad we did it, but it was much more time-consuming than I expected.  We used materials we already had around the house so it's not exactly as described in the Bible, but it's our model and helps us to understand its elements better.

The first curtain is supposed to be blue, purple, and scarlet with cheribum angels on it. Right! Well, ours was blue & white checked with red hearts. So, we colored the white squares purple with a marker and pretend that the red hearts are the angels. Done! We used burlap for the second curtain, a red textured fabric for the third, and we cut up an old pair of worn out pants for the fourth and final curtain.  You can see more details in the photo below...

I think I was more into the construction of it than the kids though, especially Katie.  She wasn't into it at all and I didn't force her.  She had some fun of her own with clay...
Very creative, don't ya think?

And this is what I did today...
Remember the zebra pillow I made for Katie's room?  I used most of the remaining fabric to re-cover the seat of her chair.  It turned out great and she LOVES it!  Big Sis wants her chair re-covered...again!

How was your week?

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  1. Hi there! Your blog caught my attention because we share a name, I have 2 daughters, one of my girls' names is Emily, and we homeschool! I look forward to following and reading your posts!

  2. What a coincidence! It will be fun having you around! :)

  3. Thanks for posting the Tabernacle pictures! I forgot to snap some, but I'm glad mine looked similar to yours...I was wondering if I was following the directions correctly! My kids seemed interested in in...Abby asked if she could have it for her Polly Pockets, "so they can go and worship God!" How funny!