Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Unusual Week!

We had somewhat of an unusual week with little to show for it.

On Monday, we registered for co-op, which was a stressful decision for me.  One child loves it and the other could take it or leave it.  Illnesses run rampant this time of year, the asthma often gets worse, and all the running for gymnastics and basketball are enough to keep anyone busy!  So why did I register?  I'm still asking myself that very question.  Hummmm.  Well, the classes seem good.  Katie would finish out ballet and Emily would take a professionally taught art class.  But, is that really enough reason?  I'm still not sure.  My intention was to look into classes at our local art center but I just haven't had a chance to yet.

My husband was supposed to leave Tuesday morning for a short business trip but due to the snow, the trip was pushed back a day.  Also due to the snow, our motivation dwindled.  It was truly a snow day.  The kids played while I cleaned.  The house was in desperate need of a pick-up, the wood floors didn't just need swept, they needed a good cleaning!  And the dishes were overflowing the sink.  So, it wasn't a bad day.  It was just not a part of our plan.

Hubs left late Wednesday morning for his business trip.  I highly respect those who are able to accomplish school when their spouse is home!  Most of the time, we cannot do it.  We did what we could in the afternoon, which was enough to help me feel that the day wasn't a total loss. :)  Instead of working from our Language Lesson book, Emily used a Writing Starter book.  Her assignment was to "write a news story... about a weed... who was scared of everything."  After thinking (and laughing) about it, she pulled out a display board with a window cut out of it, and acted out her story.  I just happened to have my phone right there and captured the whole thing on video!  It was hilarious and really livened up our day!  However, after watching the video several times, I noticed some clutter that needed to be eliminated in the background.  And that's what I did later that evening.

Our first task on Thursday morning went fine.  But copy work caused a flood of emotions from Emily which began to influence Katie.  We stopped to pray.  Amazing things happen when you pray!  Our day immediately took a turn for the better.  Emily apologized over and over and was very sweet the rest of the day.  In the evening, Emily and I walked together during Katie's basketball practice and then we went shopping.  When we came home, all Katie wanted to do was read!  And that's what we did.  This is so exciting for me!  I've got to start taking pictures of these moments!  We had a "sleep over" in my bed since hubs still wasn't home and we stayed up later than we should have.  But, it was a fun evening (except for the burnt popcorn)! :)

Emily and I did a lot of Bible reading on Friday.  She usually just wants to listen, but this time, she wanted to read.  It was wonderful!  We're just now getting to the Tabernacle in our curriculum and should have spent this week building a model of it.  I'm hoping to spend some time on it this weekend so we can get back on track.  This is one project I don't want to skip.  That's about all we did on Friday since hubs got back from his trip early.

Borrowing words from another blogger, it wasn't a bad week.  It was just different and we veered off course.  We'll be back in the groove next week (I hope).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on attending a co-op.  I'd also like to hear about your week!  I hope it was a great one!

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  1. i love our co-op but haven't always felt that way...when we were in a structured one where you pay fees and all the kids go different directions-that didn't work for us. now, we are in a relaxed group that plans activities together i.e. we get together for field trips, art time, speeches, photography...we have community through this group which i feel is really important.
    sounds like you had a good week. the slumber party with mom sounds great.

  2. We haven't joined a co-op yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing what others post in your comments.

    The "sleepover" sounds like a fun and special time with your girls. They must have really enjoyed that.