Monday, January 17, 2011

Resolutions or Goals?

It's still January, right?  I'm not one to make "New Year Resolutions" but, the beginning of a new year does spark momentum.  All my rubber stamps have been collecting dust in a room set aside in our basement just for crafts.  Those, along with my sewing machine and boxes of fabric, ribbon, clay, and other crafty items.  Could this be the year that I can carve out some guilt-free time for some Mom creativity?  Some of the stuff gets occassional use throughout the year; just enough for me to feel like it's not a total waste. But I'd like to refill the ink in an inkpad because I've used it so much, not because it just dried out!  And I'd like to enjoy creations from the fabric I've collected rather than admiring them neatly folded in a clear box.

Over the past year or two, household projects have involved declutering/purging and organizing.  I've come to realize that this is a long process and it's time to start using the things I've organized.  My sister-in-law and I made a couple of reusable shopping bags during her visit here for Christmas.  What a great way to use left-over fabric!  And they are "sew" easy to make!  I'd also like to make some quilted handbags, doll clothes, quilts, and pillow cases.  Any other suggestions?

I hope that all this imagining is not just a dream.  These are things I'm going to try harder to make time for in the coming year.  And I'm hoping to let go of any impatience I might be tempted to nurture so that I will involve our children in some of my creative attempts.  They will probably have better ideas than me anyway!  But how would I ever know if I don't invite them to join me?

There are other things I'm setting out to accomplish this year as well.  More time with God, exercise, following a realistic & healthy diet, inviting friends over more often, just to name a few.

How about you?  I'd love to hear any personal goals you have for 2011!

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